The Oytis actively participating, directly or in partnership with other companies to training projects , research and development in new technologies and thus in technological innovation projects .
In this context, the Oytis is the ideal partner for the conception, design and development outsourcing tasks and projects.
The leaders of the company have gained experience in the design, development and management of European Projects as chief financial officer and project manager for various European programs such as " ENFORCE ", " ISEMOA " and " SHAAMS ."
The company has also actively participated in projects funded research and development in outsurcing as for the " PIRODE " funded by the Italian Ministry of Research M.A.T.T.M..
The Oytis has designed and developed in outsourcing, overseeing the coordination for the development of the project " HOD " (hospital on- demande), funded by the Ministry of Environment  M.I.U.R. The project had as its ultimate goal the creation of a system to enable the processing and display of data types typically hospital of measures and clinical analysis. The same system could be used to provide patients whether they wanted to multimedia services and telecommunications. The company has also gained great knowledge practices in the area of funding procedures , the financial management and reporting of projects financed by national and regional funds as PSR. PON , POI , GAL .